Phil Entropy

Phil Entropy
  • Position: Co-host (not really – he’s just a sidekick)
  • Born: Shen Zen, China, 1974 (Speaks fluent Cantonese)
  • Residence: CGttU Studios (Sleeps on the set [NOT on the sofa])
  • Nationality: Usawian
  • Alma Mater: Kent State University, Ohio, U.S.A. (Brought by his owner Mindy Switkens – it was Mindy’s first time away from her parents and he was a great comfort to her, as he accompanied her everywhere, including being snuck into classes in her knapsack)
    Spouses: None. In way of explanation, Phil has often stated, “Mindy was my one true love. But it could never be.” Thus he resorted to short, meaningless flings.
  • Children: 562 (Well, they were meaningless to him)
  • Awards: Kent State DBTA 1992 – 1998 (It’s like this: Mindy was at the campus pub one night when her “boyfriend” Biff, pulled Phil out of her knapsack. Mindy ran out crying but Biff and his drunken buddies – Boff, Buff, and Butthead -nailed Phil to the dartboard and made bets on who could hit his heart. Since no one could figure out where a stuffie’s heart is, Phil took the “Dart Board Target Award” (DBTA) home when Mindy rushed back in and freed Phil. He held onto the title until 1998, when a college sophomore, majoring in physics figured out where our hearts actually are.)
  • About Phil: He’s just this guy, y’know? He bounced around in a knapsack for so long, his brain sort of rearranged itself to the point where he is a monkey who thinks he should be a meerkat. “I’ve always wanted to be a meerkat,” he often says. When asked about his plans and hopes for the future, for his family, or about his mission in life, he responds, “I’ve always wanted to be a meerkat.”

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