A Message From the Founder

Hello everybody, I’m Jimmy Cynic, and I’d like to welcome you to the first ever website dedicated to YOU, the citizens of the stuffie world. Oh sure, I know there are lots of sites out there with the names and faces of our brothers and sisters on them, but those belong to members of the human race who exploit our kind and sell us off to human owners. At a discount, no less! The best those poor stuffies can hope for is a relatively peaceful existence sitting on some nice little girl’s shelf where they’ll be safe from the drool of the girl’s annoying baby brother or the awful jaws of their “oh so cute” little monster terrier, who’ll shred them to pieces… and don’t get me started on the cats- those evil monsters with claws like – oh… uh… sorry, I was getting carried away there. Anyway…

Many stuffies have asked what inspired me to start up a You Tube channel with such an enigmatic purpose? After looking up the word “enigmatic”  (and “purpose”), I explained that ever since I was a young stuffed squirrel, I have always wanted to serve stuffiedom, and shine a beacon of Truth that all could follow.  When they finished choking with laughter, I further explained that without cynicism, stuffies would be likely to follow any slick con-moose or bear with a smooth patter, who would ultimately leave them brainwashed and penniless.  I figured if a moose could do it, why couldn’t I? But for their own good I mean. Besides I don’t want anyone’s brains; just their pennies! Just joking, folks!

No, honestly, I founded this station so I could spread the word of cynicism throughout Stuffie Land. I figure that life sucks and it’s about time you all caught onto that fact so that you can prepare yourselves better for the misery of old age and being abandoned in some dusty old attic or basement, ultimately to end up in a dump, where you will have your soul finally and mercifully crushed out of you.  This station is dedicated to you and our cartoon-land cousins who serve humanity selflessly, only to be eventually forgotten and discarded. I hope you enjoy our shows!

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