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OH BULL! Cuddles, the Angry Cow, reviews TED

Cuddles is shaking his horns at Mark Wahlberg’s movie, TED. Cuddles reveals the treacherous behind the scenes world of Hollywood studio politics. It’s BULL!

Cynic’s Guide to Christmas from Jack Rabbit

A special Xmas message from our intrepid reporter, Jack Rabbit. Please note that Jack’s views are not those of the management of the Cynic’s Guide to the Universe or or most sentient stuffies.

Gaseous Vs Iglassius – The Mayan Prophecies: Revealed!

Just back from their Charity Chilli Cook-off, Jimmi and Phil, interview Mayan Calendar expert, Dr. Julio Iglassius – who warns us about the end of the Mayan calendar and worse – the end of the world. Will it end in a bang, a whimper or a gaseous nebulous?

Britney’s Bedroom – The Shocking CGttU Expose

Shocking, behind the scenes peak into what goes on in the bedrooms of celebrities. Victoria’s Secret secret parties? Tickle fights? No, it’s more outrageous than that. It’s erotic dancing with their stuffies!!!

Cynic’s Guide to the Universe – Trailer – Part 2

Cynic’s Guide to the Universe – Trailer – Part 1