The Meaning of Christmas - a message from Jack Rabbit

This time of year, after the brandy has dried up and all you’re left with is a vague memory of sending a xeroxed copy of your naked ass to the company president, you may find yourself becoming more introspective, and start examining your life more closely. (I know after a Christmas party, I’m closely examining the toilet the next day, but that’s just me.) You want to understand the so-called “meaning of it all”. It starts out with the meaning of Christmas after you’ve noticed your bank account is drained and your credit card is maxed out, and you’re so pissed at the world that the next person who says that the meaning of Christmas is “giving”, well you want to give them your fist down their throat! Or maybe that’s just me.

But anyway, if you are examining your life and searching for the meaning of it all, I can tell you right now: there is none! So forget it and get on with your journey through this senseless void. Enjoy the scenery. Open up to whatever opportunity that comes along and take it. There’s no right or wrong choice; no such thing as Karma, and certainly nothing waiting for you at the end of it all except oblivion. So just do whatever you enjoy doing and forget about meaning. And while you’re at it you can forget about being happy, too. It’s called “the pursuit of happiness”; you never hear about the permanent capturing of happiness. The only happy people you will ever meet are those who don’t give a shit about happiness and they’re out there just doing what they enjoy. So get out there and enjoy the ride! Meaning? Give me a break! Oh and Merry Christmas.



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