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I have good news for you, the reader of this article! And that news is that God wants you to be rich! That’s right, contrary to all visible evidence; God wants everyone in this world to be positively drowning in an ocean of abundance, opulence and success. Now when I use the word “God” I am not, of course, referring to that quaint, silly notion of God as an old stuffie in the sky, looking down on the world and dispensing justice in the form of punishment and reward as he sees fit. That would be absurd. No, I am talking about an invisible being that created you to be happy, wise and infinitely abundant, while also creating you to be completely unaware of this fact until someone like me comes along to remind you. Now doesn’t that make so much more sense than some silly old coot in the sky?

Once you remember that God wants you to be rich, you can apply a few simple techniques to start drawing the financial, physical, and spiritual abundance toward you, like a magnet in a field of iron fillings. On this web page I will share those simple techniques that absolutely never fail and explain to you why many people try these techniques with little or no success. Remember, it is not the techniques that fail you – it is you that fail the techniques. How do you fail them? Ah! That is where the power of your negative beliefs and your subconscious mind come into play, and I will explain all that to you in future articles, which will be written as soon as Jimmi Cynic pays me for this one. OR, you could get started by reading my new book: The Power of NEW: How to be Happy While Getting all the Things You Want From this World, by Following Your Dreams – of Getting All the Things You Want. Available now at your local Stuffie Book Store or at

Catchy Title, isn’t it? My book will help you to remember God’s real intention for you and start you on the road to your birthright of True Abundance! Remember, you don’t have to believe in God, because God believes in YOU! And so do I, Dr. Eckhart Robbins!



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