A television show (on YouTube) that introduces you to a whole new world, the Cynic’s Guide To The Universe offers programming in news, health, social commentary, current events and mind-blowing exposes – designed entirely for and by Stuffed Animals! This is the kind of show that Oprah Winfrey, Jon Stewart or Bill O’Reilly would present if they were not so unfortunate as to be born human. We constantly push the envelope to present programs that challenge your beliefs, sensibilities, and yes, even your standards of decency. Conceived by a stuffed rodent in a desperate attempt to disguise his inherent lust for money and fame, these informative programs will broaden your horizons and keep you informed (when not misleading you altogether) concerning the important developments in the world and in your own society. We are here. We are now. We don’t believe a word that we just wrote! (Except for the lust and fame part)


Check your local event schedule – Jimmi could be performing in your own town and you wouldn’t even know. Or care. Even so, we want you to know it because we care. Not caring is probably the worst fate for a Stuffie. That’s why we care. That and it’s in our mission statement.